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Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),

Jason Lau

Jason Lau is a martial arts practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu as the Grandmaster of the Jiu Wan branch. He worked as the "resident martial-arts master" in the Cobray International counter-terrorist training camp of Mitchell Livingston WerBell III, an "old boys club" member of the clandestine United States Intelligence Community
(April 1988). "Francis Fong: Teaching old arts to a new generation".

Inside KungFu Magazine. Retrieved 18 March 2009 :
Jason Lau described his teacher's relationship to the late Grandmaster Yip Man (considered by many as the patriarch of modern Wing Chun), "Jiu Wun and Yip Man studied martial arts together at the Jing Mu Guan in Foshan. That was the most elite of institutions in southern China, dedicated solely to the highest levels of martial arts training." Sifu Lau continued to explain that Yip Man left early, completing the Wing Chun system elsewhere, and was the first to teach Wing Chun in Hong Kong. Jiu Wun went on to become a teacher at the Jing Mu Guen. "When the communists came to China, Jiu Wun went to Hong Kong and joined Yip Man's organization. They were friends from way back and he wanted to make alliances...He respected Yip Man's territory. Sometimes he helped teach at the school.

Jason Lau learned Wing Chun from Jiu Wan. Jiu Wan, according to Jason Lau, was Kung Fu brothers with Yip Man. Another student of Jiu Wan states that he was Yip Man's student but goes on to say "Since, as it is said, "There can be no two teachers in the same style" or in other words no two teachers equal in skill, in his twenty years of following Yip Man, Jiu Wan has always treated Yip Man as his master." On September 11, 2012 Jason Lau went on an interview for ucw radio ,for an online entertainment magazine, and vehemently stated that Jiu Wan never studied under Yip Man considering the idea as a "bizzare thing". Plus he also stated that he specified "very clearly" to Wong Shun Leung and Hawkins Cheung (notable Yip Man's students), that Jiu Wan never was a student of Yip Man. The students of Francis Fong , Jason Lau's kung fu brother and another student of Jiu Wan, have also corroborated to the story saying that Jiu Wan and Yip Man were class mates who studied together.


Francis Fong & Dragon James Fell & The Dummy (far right)


I try to go to their seminars at least once a year.
They are both teachers of my teacher.
I have trained hands on with both of them.