Dragon Wing Chun            ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

News From The Dragon ~

January 18, 2018

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui , Toe-Dai, and Students,
(Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Junior Kung FuSisters, Disciples and Students),

It's still January so here are some things I want to mention for the year ahead.

Next month we will begin Chi Sao and Drills, the basics of Wing Chun, and Chin Na .

I'm looking for volunteers who want free training in Chin Na and Combat Sword Fighting.

I'm looking for 1 person to register at the Grapevine REC center for the Tuesday evening class.

Saturday the 27th of this month, 3 disciples will be tested, 1 for the Red Dragon Certification and 2 for the Green Dragon Certification.

As soon as it warms up on Saturdays, we will have a 3 hour FREE seminar, in February.


Back on June 19 I mentioned to you that my Si Fu told me that I was ready to start training for my Apprentice Level Instructor Certification in the Philippine Martial Art of Eskrima Sword Fighting and I should have my certification by the end of the year.

This is something I have been working on for several years with my Si Fu Jon Rister and Guru Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee's student and friend.


He said now I can start teaching with his blessing.

I am a certified Eskrima Instructor.

Here is some info about Eskrima...

Eskrima or Escrima, is a combination Philippine and Spanish, esgrima, the word for fencing, or European combat sword fighting, in French is escrime, and to the English, skirmish.

Do you see Bruce Lee and Ip Man doing Chi Sao below?

Below : Our 2 Grandmasters - NOT DEAD YET!!!