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Febuary 28, 2017


Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),


This Saturday we are having a big day. After class we are having a 3 hour Wing Chun seminar at the Heritage Park in Grapevine on Ball Street by the playground pavilion, to the right of the tennis and basket ball court.


At the Dragon Wing Chun Kung Fu School, seminars are always free.

Everyone is invited, to come and watch and participate. Of course, we like to encourage everyone to join the school.

During the seminar we will break for some lunch and then complete the seminar. We will be doing a variety of techniques, and some demonstrations, but our focus will be on sword and staff forms and applications battle techniques.

Francis Fong Wing Chun Seminar

This past Saturday and Sunday we learned from and trained with one of my Si Fu's Si Fu. My Wing Chun Si Gung, Si Fu Francis Fong.

The Francis Fong Wing Chun Seminar was really Great!!! Just like always, it was filled with excitement by everybody, to be with one of the great masters. There was about 30 to 35 people on both days.

I was there with 2 of my students, Vince and Dean. I kept telling those guys they were so lucky. To be holding their Francis Fong Wing Chun Certificates, And just to be there and receive training from him. And he is their up line. The knowledge they are learning originally came from him.

He is so great, he comes around, talks to you, checks on you when your doing the techniques and helps you do them correctly.

WOW!!! Just blows my mind! We are definitely going again next year!

Vince, Dragon James Fell, Si Fu Francis Fong, Dean

Si Fu Francis Fong, Dragon James Fell, Si Fu LaDell Elliott, Keven Lee