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News From The Dragon ~

March 8, 2017


Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),

The Tuesday evening class at 6:30pm to 8:30pm is going well. Several students are attending and saying the day and time is good for them.

We trained according to the normal curriculum that we are doing in the Saturday morning class 7:30am to 9:30am. The strike, control, break, and the 12 gates.

The "Dragon Wing Chun Kung Fu School" has a 3 quarter curriculum, 9 months, and then restarts from the beginning. There is a quarter that focuses on Chi Sao and Drills, a quarter that focuses on energies and trapping, and a quarter that focuses on strike, control, break.

We test for belt ranking, and have seminars. We give out certificates for attendance, achievements, ranking, and our t-shirt uniform. All are free.

We start every class with the Wing Chun salute/greeting, meaning please and thank you for training peacefully.

Then the Siu Lim Tao Fa, The first form, sometimes we do it twice, when a student volunteers to lead the class because they have learned it well enough that they have confidence to lead.

Then, usually we'll do the Luk Dim Boon Gwan Fa, the staff form, and the Baat Chaam Do Fa, the sword form, so students always bring their swords and staff. I always have extras for new students to borrow in class until they get their own.

Sometimes we'll do the Chum Kiu Fa, the second form and the Biu Tze Fa, the third form.

We've even had some students demonstrate sections and foot work of the Mook Yan Jong Fa, The wooden dummy form.

We are in a beautiful modern facility and for $50 a month for 8 to 10 hours of training depending on the month, the training and the price is really a great deal to fully learn all the aspects of Wing Chun, and eventually receive your black belt ranking, and even instructor.

It's never to late, but don't wait, things change. Pricing can always go up, and anything can happen. So start your training now.