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News From The Dragon ~

August 29, 2018

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui , Toe-Dai, and Students,
(Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Junior Kung Fu Sisters, Disciples, and Students)


1. Be sure to check the home page of DragonWingChun.com for the new additional class times available, hours per week, and monthly fee.

2. On Tuesday, September 4th, we will have class at the Home Qwoon due to yearly cleaning of the Grapevine REC Center.

3. On Saturday, September 8th, all currently paying students we will have a FREE seminar.

If you are not currently paying for classes, the seminar is only $20, food included.

Applications and Forms covered will be...

Lok Dim Boon Gwan Fa - Staff Form
Baat Jaam Dao Fa - Sword Form
Muk Yan Chong Fa - Wooden Dummy Form

Wing Chun Butterfly Swords and Spear, and the Wooden Dummy

If you don't have your swords and spear, I can provide.

Time will be from 7:30am to 1pm at the Home Qwoon.

We will break for grilled burgers, dogs, brats, buns, water and soda. Also, anyone can bring what ever they want.

4. I will be attending Instructor Camp first week of October 8th to the 11th. I will need a senior student to lead the class the Tuesday night of that week, October 9th, for the 6:30pm to 8:30pm class at the Grapevine REC Center.

5. Congratulations to Dean Burell for earning his Green Dragon Certification rank, a great acheivement that requires 27 months of continuing attendence and seminars. He is now on his way to Gold. A year from now he will be elegiable to test for that rank.

6. Congratulations to John Mayes for earning a certificate in Yang Style Tai J i Quan Shaolin Chin Na, Level I, using Manderin Chinese terminologies, after attending 12 private lessons of about 18 hours.

He stopped by the Tusday evening class this week to say he has missed everyone and has been out due to his school teaching job. He will take a leave of absence from our school and continue attending the Tuesday evening class on his return.

7. A sweet goodbye to Abigail Sng who is leaving the country to Singapore for college and beyond. A good student for 24 months earning her Green Dragon Ranking. She is loved and missed by all her fellow Toe-Dai.

8. I had a great time with new Toe-Dai, Bradley Anderson, we went down to Lang Son Traders to buy his equipment. He got a $5 school discount off his spear. I was happy, my Si-Mo (wife of Si-Fu) went with us. We had lunch at Roots Burgers restaurant next door to Lang Son Traders. Bradley and I made another trip there to change is kung fu shoes and he bought is swords and got a $10 school discount.

Thank you to Bradley for riding with me on a second trip to Lang Son Traders and treating me to lunch at the Korean Restaurant next door to Roots Burgers.

Bradley purchased a set of 12 private lessons and has completed all but 2. He is on his way to catching up on the Siu Lim Tao Fa and the Strike, Control, Break, and Chin Na techniques.

9. You all should know that our school provides the funds to Lang Son Traders so our students can receive school discounts for the swords and spear equipment.

10. Our new Toe-Dai, Bradley, Oscar, and Janet received their school shirts and provided donations for the them. Steven and Michael are waiting on the new shirts in their sizes I've ordered.

11. Our newest ongoing family/couple, Ray and Janet, are doing well. Good luck to them and we all hope they stick it out for the long haul.

12.We have three websites...


Do you see Bruce Lee and Ip Man doing Chi Sao below?

Below : Our 2 Grandmasters - NOT DEAD YET!!!