Dragon Wing Chun            ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

News From The Dragon ~

December 16, 2018

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui , Toe-Dai, and Students,
(Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Junior Kung Fu Sisters, Disciples, and Students)


1. The remodeling of the Grapevine Home Qwoon is completed. Cleaned out and painted, the new qwoon now has 10 mirrors, 9 of them together on the west/left wall, perfect for practicing forms, and we now have 3 wooden dummys across the north/back wall, 2 are set for middle/average height, and one for tall/big students. So three at once can train. I have a shelf/rack for my equipment, and have added a few decorations. Be sure to check the picture on the home page at www.DragonWingChun.com for a look.

2. The Grapevine REC Center made a misprint in the January Catalog. It says $70 a month for non members. We will stay at the $60 a month rate for at least the next 2 to 3 years for non members and members will pay $10 less, $50 a month. I have instructed the REC center to keep the rates in their computer billing system as they have been at the $60 non member /$50 member rates. So if you log into Go Grapevine to pay or at the front desk it should still be the same. Inform them if necessary or let me know if I should talk to them.

3. We will have some days off Christmas week and New Year. Wednesday, January 2, classes will go back to normal.

4. Our Dec. 8th FREE seminar went great! We spent a lot of time on training the Lok Dim Boon Gwan Fa - Staff Form and also the Baat Jaam Dao Fa - Sword Form. In between times, the students practiced on the wooden dummies doing the Muk Yan Chong Fa - Wooden Dummy Form. Everyone chipped in for Pizzas and soda. We also watched a video of SiFu Jon Rister demonstrating the Baat Jaam Dao Fa - Sword Form.

5. We will have our next FREE seminar beginning of March.

For those not currently paying for classes, the seminar is only $20.00.

Applications and Forms covered will be...

Lok Dim Boon Gwan Fa - Staff Form
Baat Jaam Dao Fa - Sword Form
Muk Yan Chong Fa - Wooden Dummy Form

Wing Chun Butterfly Swords and Spear, and the Wooden Dummy

If you don't have your swords and spear, I can provide.

Time will be from 10am to 1pm at the Grapevine Home Qwoon.

We will break for grilled burgers, dogs, brats, buns, water and soda. Also, anyone can bring what ever they want.

6. I plan to start a new class in the Grapevine REC Center teaching Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Shaolin Chin Na, by Sifu Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. If possible, it will start the beginning of April.

7. Our school provides the funds to Lang Son Traders so our students can receive school discounts for the swords and spear equipment.

8.We have three websites...

Do you see Bruce Lee and Ip Man doing Chi Sao below?

Below : Our 2 Grandmasters - NOT DEAD YET!!!