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February 1, 2019

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui , Toe-Dai, Students,
(Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Junior Kung Fu Sisters, Disciples, Students)

The new quarter is starting today ... Friday, Feb. 1st.

The next 12 weeks will be the quarter of energies, trapping, and Chin Na.

Several students, Paul, Vince, Pat, and Gage, are now qualified for testing.

We will have a 3 hour seminar at the home qwoon on Sat, either Feb 16 or 23, from 10 to 1pm, after the morning REC center class.

So let me know which dates you can attend.

February is an anniversary for me, especially this Feb.  On Feb. 2, 2012, I started at Rister Martial Arts, to continue my Wing Chun and other training. So this Feb. 2, will be 7 years and $21,500 I paid for classes, private lessons, and seminars. I will continue with a few private lessons and possibly a camp or seminar once in a while, but my regular training there is completed. With the highest instructor rank in Wing Chun and an instructor rank certification in Escrima Sword Fighting,  I need a break from paying more money and time, and want to devote my time to my students.

This January 2019 was a special month for the school because I acheived two advancements in the progress and growth of the school.

One is that I have successfully registered with the U.S. patent and registry office the phrase, "Dragon Wing Chun", for use by us exclusively for our website domain, advertising, and school name. "Dragon Wing Chun" is now a registered trademark, owned by me.

Two is that I have received the approval of the Grapevine REC Center and successfully setup a 3rd class there on Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm, for a Northern Shaolin Yang Style Tai Ji Quan, Chin Na class. The Chinese martial art of Seize and Control, Joint Locks and Flows, and Put Downs.

In November and December, I successfully remodeled the home qwoon, cleaned it out, repaired and repainted the walls and floor, and I purchased an additional 9 mirrorws, 6feet by 2 feet, for the left wall, and a new classic Wing Chun Dummy. That makes 10 mirrors, and 3 dummies for the school now.

November was a 3 year anniversary for the school, since we started in the Grapevine REC Center exactly 3 years ago, November 1, 2015. I had 5 students coming with me from the park in Grapevine, they were Paul, Abigail, Vince, Sean, and Sam.

Dragon James Fell